Agile Project Management

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Training Description:

In this Professional Certificate program, you will learn the mechanics of how to design and facilitate projects using “pure” Agile Scrum and Lean Kanban techniques. You will also learn the trade-offs of using hybrid techniques such as Lean Startup, Scaled Agile For the Enterprise (SAFe), and Disciplined Agile Development.

We will then go beyond these frameworks to the science and essential principles you’ll need to ensure you get the greatest benefits of Agile Project Management methods: Speed, Innovation, Leadership, and Kaizen (Change for the Better).

After completing this course series, you will be able to clearly explain how Agile techniques address faults in traditional project management techniques, the tradeoffs (benefits and risks) of these approaches, and when it’s best to apply them to maximize value to the organization.

Engineers, managers, designers, writers, creators, and executers of all types will benefit from learning these principles of Agile. Whether you’re delivering a small part of a project or portfolios of large multi-million-dollar government works; these principles scale and apply to all industries to achieve delivery success. This is why companies that are embracing these principles continue to set record earnings and stock prices (e.g. AMZN, APPL, TSLA); and those that ignore them find themselves unable to compete.

Job Outlook

  • Project Manager jobs are expected to grow by 33% over next 10 years (Source:
  • Program Project Manager income is $60k to $100k based on industry (
  • You can earn $10,000 more as an Agile Project Manager (

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Real Career Impact

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"Supporting US military efforts require accuracy and efficiency. We are passionate about it. In keeping with the integrity of our Nation’s military men and women, it is imperative that we provide them the best technology imaginable. The Agile Project Management program provides clear direction to channel team efforts in a more concise manner. I highly recommend this program to any organization relying on teams to get things done."

— Debbie Gray , Director of Human Resources, GTMR Inc.

What You'll Learn:

  • Learn Scrum mechanics and how to translate other Agile frameworks such as SAFe, Disciplined, and LeSS
  • Gain a deep understanding of Agile principles and how to apply them in any industry, with case studies in Software, Aerospace, Finance, and Construction
  • Reduce risk of project failure by adopting agile results-based controls to close projects more effectively
  • Increase speed using lean / agile work management techniques proven to deliver faster
  • Improve project benefits with innovation and leadership approaches that unlock your team’s potential

Courses in the Professional Certificate Program

“This class took Agile from the theoretical to the practical. I shared information learned with my team after each session. The series was engaging and well worth my time.” 
– Chandra Knabel, Director of IT Services Strategy and Compliance, BreakThru Beverage Group

“I gained a better understanding of Agile ie what it is, how it differs from traditional project management, and most importantly, how to apply it to my current organization.”
– Greg Paradis, Program Manager, Precise Systems, Inc.

“I wasn’t exactly sure Agile would be the right fit for our organization to meet our goals or our customers’ expectations, as software development is not one of our core business units. The understanding gained through continues to help us in areas we never before imagined, including BD and proposal writing efforts.“ 
– Gary Miller, Senior Strategist and IA Director, Technology Specialists, Inc. (TSI)


bio for John Johnson

John Johnson

Adjunct Professor, Clarke School of Engineering, College Park; Chief Technology Officer, Softek Enterprises LLC


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