International Business Management

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Training Description:

Advance your career by completing the Thunderbird International Business Management MicroMasters program certificate. Certificate credits can be applied toward an accredited master degree— the Online Master of Applied Leadership & Management.

The International Business Management MicroMasters program from the prestigious Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University offers a highly specialized global management education that will open pathways to leadership roles in multinational corporations as well as in non-governmental organizations.

Leveraging Thunderbird's 70 years of expertise and top international rankings, the MicroMasters program will equip you with management skills essential for conducting global business successfully. You will learn how to identify risks and opportunities in global business settings and acquire strategies for mastering interpersonal encounters in multicultural environments through effective communication, people management, and marketing skills.

You will also gain leadership skills, the ability to adapt to ever-changing business environments, as well as learn to tolerate ambiguity, while developing a passion for appreciating other cultures.

Successful completion of this MicroMasters program will earn you the opportunity to be accepted into the Online Master of Applied Leadership & ManagementThunderbird master degree program.

Job Outlook

  • Modern business is global. With globalization accelerating at a rapid pace, global mindset and skillsets are now the norm for most career advancement.
  • Many Thunderbird graduates go on to become country managers, do business development work internationally, open subsidiaries in foreign locations, manage global projects, and advance business careers in multinational companies.
  • Career opportunities: Business Development Manager, Project Manager, Account Executive, Marketing Manager, Business Analysts, Customer Service Manager, Business Consultant, Entrepreneur

Real Career Impact


"The leadership skills and cross cultural business acumen Thunderbird instills in people are a clear competitive advantage for anyone operating in a truly global marketplace and is highly valued in our company."

— Klaus Knappik , Co-Chairman, YDM, Tokyo, Japan

What You'll Learn:

  • Analytical tools for understanding the rapidly changing and dynamic global political economy.
  • Effective communication strategies for interpersonal encounters.
  • To explore the mix of organizational practices and people skills essential for sustaining competitive advantage globally.
  • To understand how value is created via customer relationships and their strategic implications in the context of competitor and value-chain contexts.
  • Skills, mindset, and understanding of how to be successful in a globalized marketplace.

Additional information

MicroMasters Program Details

How To Earn The MicroMasters Program Certificate
Successfully complete and earn a Verified Certificate in all four courses.

Take Your Credential To The Next Level

After successfully completing the International Business Management MicroMasters program we invite you to apply to the Online Master of Applied Leadership & Management Thunderbird master degree program. Once admitted to the program, the MicroMasters program certificate will count for 20% or more of the total program credits.


View a PDF of a sample MicroMasters Program Certificate

Thunderbird's Online Master of Applied Leadership & Management degree is 30 credits in length. The completion of the MicroMasters is required to enter this program and counts for the first 8 of the 30 total credits needed to complete the degree.


bio for Mansour Javidan

Mansour Javidan

Garvin Distinguished ProfessorThunderbird School of Global Management

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Roy Nelson

Associate ProfessorThunderbird School of Global Management

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Christine Pearson

Professor of Global LeadershipThunderbird School of Global Management

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Seigyoung Auh

Associate Professor of MarketingThunderbird School of Global Management


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