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О компании DeepRed Media LLC

DeepRedMedia Solutions offers digital marketing services from brand identity development to multi-channel online advertisement and e-commerce solutions. Our customers receive full sale digital marketing services. 
1. We specialize in building any types of web presence - from simple business card type website to complex e-commerce with sophisticated functionalities.
2. Promoting websites through the most efficient channels - including social media, search engine marketing, paid search, etc.
3. Running your online business's social network presence, by recommending social networks best suiting your target audience.
4. Developing content for your website, including Blogs and news feed for your website audience.
5. Periodic review and optimization of your established online presence.
6. Optional service of brand identity development where required.

Visit for more information on the spheres we can cooperate. We foster customer-centric approach in each and every stage of interaction with our customers.

Индустрия: Дизайн/Архитектура/Строительство
Тип компании: ОАО/ЗАО/ООО
Дата основания: 2015

Количество сотрудников: до 50

Местонахождение: Azatutyan Avenue, Yerevan, Армения

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Azatutyan Avenue, Yerevan, Армения