Introduction to Java Programming

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Programming knowledge is not only useful for programming today’s devices such as computers and smartphones, it also opens doors to the valuable skill of computational thinking, i.e. the application of computing techniques to every-day processes.

In this professional certificate program, you will learn how to write code in Java, understand the basics of OOP and how to use software engineering techniques.

The program will begin with introducing fundamental programming concepts, such as, functional abstraction, OOP paradigm and APIs. Then, we will focus on how to write “good” programs, where “good” is to be understood from several perspectives: correctness, efficiency, software engineering techniques, and ethics. Lastly, you will learn about fundamental data structures, such as sequences and algorithms on them, such as searching and sorting.

Кто может принять участие:

  • Programming-related skills are among the most demanded by the labor market (source: LinkedIn Top Skills that can get you Hired 2017)

  • Java is in the top three of most popular programming languages (source: Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results 2017)
  • Java developers are among the top paying technologies in the US with $96,000 a year (source: Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results 2017)

Real Career Impact

Borak Logo

"Borak is a pioneer in Java, certified for the first time in Spain and a leader in a wide variety of projects in the public and private sector during the last 25 years. As such, we know the importance Java has had and will have for the future. The present cannot be conceived without applications written in Java running on millions of devices, and it will be unthinkable in the coming years to find devices that are not connected to the Internet. The edX Professional Certificate program on Introduction to Programming with Java by UC3M lays the ground for becoming a successful Java programmer. Those who complete it successfully will have a competitive edge in the job market."

— Jorge Serrano , CEO, Borak

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What You'll Learn

  • Develop simple programs in Java making use of conditionals, loops, and recursion
  • Understand basic mechanisms of the OOP paradigm, as well as use the API of some of the most common Java classes
  • Detect and correct common programming errors at compile time and runtime
  • Compare the efficiency of programs in terms of resources used
  • Model simple programs using basic software engineering techniques
  • Develop and use basic data structures including lists, stacks, queues and trees
  • Develop and use linear and non-linear data structures and implement algorithms for efficient searching and sorting of data


bio for María Blanca Ibáñez

María Blanca Ibáñez

Visiting Assistant ProfessorUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid

bio for Florina Almenares Mendoza

Florina Almenares Mendoza

Associate ProfessorUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid

bio for Carlos Delgado Kloos

Carlos Delgado Kloos

Full ProfessorUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid

bio for Carmen Fernández Panadero

Carmen Fernández Panadero

Assistant ProfessorUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid

bio for Iria Estévez-Ayres

Iria Estévez-Ayres

Assistant ProfessorUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid

bio for Jorge Blasco

Jorge Blasco

Assistant LecturerUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid

bio for Carlos Alario-Hoyos

Carlos Alario-Hoyos

Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Telematics EngineeringUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid

bio for Sergio Pastrana

Sergio Pastrana

Teaching AssistantUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid

bio for Guillermo Suarez-Tangil

Guillermo Suarez-Tangil

Teaching AssistantUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid

bio for Julio Villena Román

Julio Villena Román

LecturerUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid

bio for Jorge Ruiz

Jorge Ruiz

LecturerUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid

bio for Raquel M. Crespo-García

Raquel M. Crespo-García

Associate ProfessorUniversidad Carlos III de Madrid


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