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Extremely powerful & complete Digital Marketing Course in Facebook & SEO. Boost your sales & profits! Get new clients! Win SEO Digital Marketing & Local SEO Digital Marketing! Reach 100 x more results in Facebook Digital Marketing! Become Digital Marketing Expert! Enroll into this Digital Marketing Course right now! 30 days refund guaranteed - No questions - No risk!

Do you need to get singnificant free SEO traffic to your website from SEO? Do you wish to reach massive engagement in Facebook marketing & boost your profits through proven digital marketing strategies? Do you need new clients? Do you wish to become well paid digital marketing expert? Do you wish to empower you digital marketing skills?

Enroll into this Facebook & SEO Super powerful Digital Marketing Course 2018 right now!

From beginner to expert! Your ultimate success in the Digital Marketing boosting your SEO & Facebook Digital Marketing Skills to the highest level of proficiency:

  1. Facebook digital marketing - general introduction into the Facebook marketing

  2. Facebook ads - general introduction into the Facebook advertising & get effortlessly new followers every day

  3. Instagram digital marketing - tips for Instagram marketing efficiency

  4. Instagram digital marketing booster - quick tips to immensely boost your Instagram

  5. Social media digital marketing - complete explanation of social media optimisation with SEO & SEM support

  6. Digital marketing fundamentals - all you need to know to start with the digital marketing

  7. Facebook ads strategy for 0,00095 $ for results - real Facebook case study showing, how to win in the Facebook auction

  8. How to set up your 1st Facebook business page - complete guide to create your 1st Facebook business page

  9. Facebook business page optimisation - complete guide optimise your Facebook business page

  10. Facebook business page settings - complete guide for all your Facebook business settings

  11. Facebook digital marketing competition analysis - ultimate guide to effectively analyse your competition on Facebook in few minutes

  12. Facebook posts - create with me the most efficient Facebook posts in few minutes

  13. Facebook jobs - complete guide to set up, create & advertise the Facebook jobs

  14. Facebook targeting - complete guide to help you develop your Facebook targeting

  15. Facebook pixel - guide to set up & use well the Facebook pixel

  16. Facebook digital remarketing - complete guide to fully activate the power & the potential of Facebook remarketing, including remarketing the engaged audience

  17. Facebook lookalike audiences - complete guide to develop your Facebook lookalike audiences

  18. Facebook digital marketing insights - use the Facebook insights to develop your business

  19. Facebook digital marketing creative hub - see your potential on the Facebook & find your inspiration

  20. Facebook remarketing & Facebook lookalike audiences - complete guide to create the most powerful Facebook Ads ever

  21. Facebook local Ads - complete guide to set up & optimise Facebook local Ads, including PPC local Ads optimisation

  22. Facebook digital marketing audiences - complete guide & explanation to understand & benefit from Facebook audiences

  23. Facebook lead generation ads - complete guide to get new clients through powerful Facebook digital marketing

  24. SEO - Search engine optimisation digital marketing introduction - complete explanation & introduction into the SEO - Search engine optimisation

  25. SEO digital marketing strategy - complete explanation will help you to set up well your SEO strategy

  26. SEO keywords research & SEO digital marketing tools - complete guide - how to perform SEO keywords research & use SEO tool Collabim

  27. SEO digital marketing competition analysis - complete guide to effective analyse your competition in SEO

  28. SEO digital marketing tool for WordPress - SEO Yoast - complete guide to fully set up WordPress SEO Yoast & optimise your content, title, H1, H2 etc.

  29. SEO digital marketing tool Google search console - how to use SEO Google search console & connect it to SEO WordPress Yoast

  30. SEO Speed optimisation - complete guide to quickly optimise the speed of the website on WordPress for SEO results

  31. WordPress Security - complete guide to secure the WordPress website

  32. Digital marketing link building strategy - very powerful tool for SEO to get powerful links using social media

  33. Digital marketing PR strategy - very powerful booster to quickly get traffic & improve the starting SEO

  34. SEO snippets - SEO structured data - immensely powerful digital marketing tool helping to increase the SEO click through rate approximately in 30 %

  35. Movies & digital marketing - explanation of importance of the movies for SEO & social media digital marketing - complete guide, how to use the movies for SEO & for social media with unique movies examples

  36. SEO & UX digital marketing - quick tips, how to increase the efficiency of the website & support the SEO

  37. SEO & Positive reputation management - extremely important part of every SEO & social media optimisation - building positive reputation management

  38. Local SEO digital marketing - 32 steps for better local digital marketing - very powerful guide for local SEO in 32 steps - important for every local business to immediately improve the local SEO

  39. Local SEO - Google my business digital marketing- extremely powerful & very underestimated local SEO tool boosting greatly your business - complete guide

  40. Local SEO website for free - quick guide to build your own SEO website using the local SEO tool Google my business

  41. Local SEO Google local ads digital marketing strategy - extremely powerful local SEO sales booster for free - in Google search - complete guide

You will reach great with this digital marketing course! You will discover that your digital marketing potential is unlimited.

No matter, who you are or where are you from. Every month you can get more & more content to become ultimate master of Facebook marketing & SEO & Local SEO. I will be always helping you to develop your SEO skills in the digital marketing & you will see that you can do much more in digital marketing!

Enroll into this Facebook & SEO Super powerful Digital Marketing Course right now!

Internet efficiency awarded strategies in Digital Marketing to help you boost your profits unlimited way!

The Internet Efficiency Awarded strategies in digital marketing fundamentals (SEO, Local SEO, Wordpress SEO, Google my business, Marketing strategy, SEO, User experience, Facebook marketing, Facebook advertising, Facebook jobs, Facebook remarketing etc.). Digital marketing is updated every month. Step by step you will become the digital marketing professional & get all my SEO & Facebook digital marketing know-how that I have been developing since 1998.

Join happy students in this SEO & Facebook digital marketing course:

"This SEO & Facebook course is very engaging. The author is very knowledgable. It gives me very good understanding of the social media and SEO. I like the way the explanations are done. MAGNIFICIENT. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. ESPECIALLY TO BEGINNERS WHO NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND THE SEO & THE DIGITAL MARKETING."


"In-depth Facebook screen recording. Very good SEO for beginners. Engaging SEO explanations. Nice atmosphere. Tips and short SEO explanations are fantastic. Overall very good course. I LOVE THE FACEBOOK STRATEGY. FANTASTIC EXPLANATION."


"I like this SEO & Facebook Marketing course very much. I am enjoying the clear explanations. After seeing all the course, I have to write - FANTASTIC. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ALL PEOPLE TO DEVELOP THE SKILLS IN THE DIGITAL MARKETING."

"Enjoyable, useful, practical. Great digital marketing course. Highly recommend to all people, especially business owners."

"So far it seems like very good SEO digital marketing course. I am excited about the author and the SEO content. Looking forward to dive deeper into this SEO & Facebook marketing course."

"Extremely Great and useful SEO digital marketing course. Highly recommended!"

"Practical and enjoyable SEO digital marketing course. I like that this SEO course really shows how to support my business, my sales and my website. Good is the multiple "super hack" for promotional post for free on Facebook. Looking forward more SEO & Facebook digital marketing updates."

Real digital marketing know-how in Facebook & SEO that will work for you on all levels

You are getting real SEO & Facebook Digital Marketing know-how how to get new customers & boost your profits through tested golden SEO & Facebook digital marketing strategies. You will immediately know, what to do & you will become very confident in SEO & Facebook digital marketing.

108.000+ happy students in the European educational centre & University of Cambridge ESOL

Since 1998 I have been helping people in their professional careers. From 1998 - 2013 I was the CEO & marketing manager of the European educational centre, being also awarded by European prize for education. So far we have helped more than 80.000+ people in their professional growth. My marketing plan has been the winning one for the Cambridge University & I have been honoured to open the first open Cambridge ESOL centre in the Eastern Bohemia. I started the first Facebook page in 2009 & I got the first position in the SEO in 2001 (I have launched my first website in 1998). Helping people grow is my lifetime passion.

Digital marketing course with 30 days money refund warranty

I wish to have only the most happy & excited students. Feel free to write me anytime with any digital marketing question. If you are not satisfied, you get full refund.

Digital marketing course updated every month

This digital marketing course is constantly updated, covering all the SEO & Facebook digital marketing fundamentals from the author awarder by the Internet efficiency award & the European prize for educating blind people.

SEO - Search engine optimisation explained for humans. So, you really understand the SEO Digital Marketing Strategy

You will start understanding the local SEO & SEO digital marketing strategy. You will know, how to implement the Google structured data - Google snippets - SEO great mastery. You will get complete explanations as well as resources & Google structured data SEO codes examples as well as complete SEO guide for SEO Yoast on WordPress. You will develop your SEO skills greatly, including SEO linkbuilding & using Social media for SEO.

Facebook marketing  & Facebook advertising  & Social media - Digital marketing explained the way you really know-how to succeed.

Very easy & friendly way you will understand & use Facebook digital marketing. You will start understanding that the key to your Facebook digital marketing success is very easy to reach. You will accomplish these 3 conditions for success in Facebook digital marketing:

1. Highly quality engaging post on your Facebook Business page
2. Targeting / promoting your post on Facebook to people, who can become your customers & boost your profits
3. Remarketing / retargeting already interested audience to accomplish more business & get more sales / more customers

Ultimate digital marketing strategy! Is it possible to reach great results through SEO & Facebook digital marketing!

It is real. I have realised it for my client. Joining together smart way the social media, user experience optimisation & SEO, can take your business to the new level of prosperity. For my client, I have brought through this SEO & Facebook digital marketing strategy unbelievable results that has been awarded by the Internet efficiency award. Please imagine that small start-up was performing better than gigantic company with 20 years of history!

The 2nd example: for Karlovy lazne (the biggest club in the Central Europe) I realise approximately 10 800 000 views in search every 3 month through this golden digital marketing strategy! Just through Google my business local SEO digital marketing. Your limits to get clients & boost sales are endless like the ocean.

Get the results in Facebook digital marketing for 0,00095! Digital marketing course with real case studies!

I will explain you Facebook Digital Marketing both theoretical & practical way. I will show you my most successful Facebook digital marketing campaigns. You can do it yourself. Creating the right Facebook content targeted on Facebook to the right people, supported by different kinds of remarketing on Facebook, can bring miraculous results, both in engagement & real clients. 

It is possible to reach massive national engagement in Facebook digital marketing for 150 dollars!

Absolutely! I will show you, how I did it on Facebook! Combining well great viral movie (you will see this movie) with the right Facebook targeting will bring you unbelievable results you have been dreaming all the time.

Digital marketing course explaining SEO & Google my business local SEO

You will use the power of Google My Business digital marketing strategy - Local Search to the maximum. You will get new customers & build your SEO reputation. You will use the power of SEO news & create special promotions directly on Local SEO through Google My Business. You will know, how to build your positive reputation management & optimise your content & structure of your website.

This course will give you all the SEO & Facebook Marketing digital marketing power that you need to boost your profits & attract new customers. You will see the best local SEO digital marketing practices.

You will see the local SEO digital marketing power of 3 707 071 views & 26 524 direct actions that are realise every month for free. You will see the different local SEO digital marketing examples & you will quickly & effectively understand what to do to boost your sales & get more customers through local SEO Google My Business. You will the unlimited SEO digital marketing power of local SEO through Google my business. Real local digital marketing SEO case study in this SEO course - approximately 10 800 000 views every 3 months for 1 place in the heart of Prague.

During short time you will discover the best Digital Marketing Local SEO practices & you will have the local SEO power to use the Google My Business Local SEO to the maximum. Digital Marketing Tool Google My Business is for free. You do not need to pay any money. You just start & attract more customers.

You will reach special Local SEO digital marketing skill of multiple special posts allowing you to promote anything you need absolutely for free in Google local Search.

Enroll into this Facebook & SEO Super powerful Digital Marketing Course 2018 right now!

You will develop your ultimate Digital Marketing Facebook & SEO expertise, no matter what level of your Digital Marketing knowledge is!

Enroll now into this Ultimate Facebook & SEO Digital Marketing Course Right Now! 30 days money refund guaranteed!

Кто может принять участие:

Who is the target audience?

  • B2C & B2B businesses, admins, editors, creatives, content creators, entrepreneurs, local business owners, influencers, real estate agents, people seeking dream job in digital marketing, etc.


Ing. Tomas Moravek

The Internet Efficiency Award & The European Prize for EDU

Hi! My mission is to help you & all people around the world to cut the Facebook Ads costs to the minimum & to increase the Facebook marketing results to the maximum.

In 2016 I was awarded by the Internet Efficiency Award. In 2013 I was awarded by European Prize LABEL for educating blind people. Marketing & education is my lifetime passion.

In 2016 I generated the leads in the value of 155 746 255 dollars just through the direct Facebook marketing campaigns. 54 102 054 dollars came from assisted conversions and 38 494 488 dollars came from last social interactions.

For the biggest club in the Central Europe Karlovy Lazne I am brining approximately 10 800 000 local search views every 3 months with no need of any investment.

Nowadays I have been so blessed to work as Senior marketing manager on the project that is expanding into the whole Europe with the turnover in 9 figures. Directed to reach 10 figures in turnover. In this project I have basically doubled the turnover of the Scandinavian e-shops.

So, join me. I will take you on exciting journey. You can always use 30 days money refund! Digital marketing can be great fun that can give you many freedoms & financial securities. 

Honestly, it can be also great pain. In 2012 / 2013 I felt really miserable. I was "sweating blood" to understand the digital marketing. I got quite a big slap into my face. Small results. Big costs. Loosing money. Trying to succeed without know-how. But you can avoid this pain! You have me. You have your mentor who can protect you from bad decisions that can cost you a fortune!

Chinese say: 
"The master is someone who has tried one hundred thousand times more than his student." 

And this is basically my situation. I was trying so hard so many times & after many years I discovered that winning the Facebook algorithm is very easy & accessible to all people! You just need to fulfil 3 conditions to win the Facebook marketing & Facebook advertising!

So, join me on exciting journey. You can always use 30 days money refund! 

My highest passion is to inspire you to boost your online marketing into the new level of prosperity & abundance in the way that you can have more free time & money to do, what you love the most.

Why to choose my course? 

The main reason is that I give you immediate insights how to attract new customers & boost your profits. I show you everything on real examples. So, you immediately understand what to do.

Short BIO

I have been living in the heart of Europe in Prague with my wife & my dog. I love traveling.

Currently I have been the Senior marketing manager for the prestigious brands in Scandinavian countries as well as the Eastern & Western Europe.

In 2016 I was awarded by the Internet Efficiency Award, mainly for Facebook marketing & SEO campaigns.

In 2017 I launched marketing courses in the Czech Republic. Some of them become the best selling courses.

I started the first Facebook page in 2009. I got the first position in the SEO in 2001. I  launched my first website in 1998. 

108.000+ happy students in the European Educational Centre & University of Cambridge ESOL - Helping people to grow is my lifetime passion.

From 1998 - 2013 I was the CEO & marketing manager of the European Educational Centre. My marketing plan was the winning one for the University of Cambridge ESOL.

The last point - please be always humble. This is the absolute must for your success in Facebook marketing & Facebook advertising. With enrolling into my course, please read the book Thing & Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill.


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