Additional Services

Below you can find additional services for recruitment automation, employer branding and sourcing tools.

Employer Branding

To hire and retain the best talent in the market you need a properly positioned employer brand. staff.am is the leader in the market when it comes to telling your company’s appealing story with a nice article, an engaging photo or video coverage, or a totally different project we will come up together.Download our brochure now to learn more about employer branding services we provide.

Additional Recruitment Tools

To cover all your recruitment needs, staff.am offers additional tools to boost and speed the hiring process.Quality database of registered candidates, extra placement of your vacancies on staff.am, anonymous job posts or creating a vacancy on your behalf, you name it. Download our brochure now to learn more about additional recruitment tools we provide.

Advertisement On staff.am

We help many companies in Armenia put their product, service, event or job openings in front of thousands of quality and targeted consumers and job-seekers with an appealing visual.You can advertise on staff.am website and mobile app, and even through our social media accounts and Google Ads.Download the brochure and learn more about advertising services.



Each employer has their unique needs and requirements; we clearly acknowledge that.


We offer full service packages with competitive pricing in the market.


We partner with universities, communities and organizations to ensure maximum exposure of job vacancies to the targeted audience.


Being the industry leader in terms of social media followers, we ensure maximum visibility for jobs and companies.

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We are proud to work with growing number of leading companies in the market

Important notice. staff.am tariff of charges are different for companies registered outside of the Republic of Armenia (non-resident legal entities).Maximum period per vacancy 30 days.
Return Policy. Due to the nature of our business, services which haven`t been used yet are eligible for refund. We will recall the invoice and manually transfer money to the company account.